What we do

  1. Television
    We specialise in non-fiction content for television. We have an expertise in scripting, shooting, and editing engaging episodes. We love to make lifestyle shows, food shows, and can make shows around any interesting topic.(Food shows have their own perks though!) Our latest scrumptious production called UAE's Top Chefs is airing currently on Star World HD (MENA).
  2. Brand AVs & TVCs
    Brands are a big deal and we get it. So we make sure that our ideas for AVs and TVCs are in tune with what your brand stands for. We top it with the PURRfect execution giving you a video that you'd want to play in loop.
  3. Documentaries
    We aim to discover more stories to tell, we want to connect with people who have their own unique story to share, we look forward to get inspired by documenting experiences, and unearthing some brilliant aspects of people's lives, cultures, and traditions.
  4. Social Media Videos
    What is life without a smartphone today? It is great to be a part of this whole new digital world. That's why we are always so excited to create video content for social media. We execute your ideas in the most fun way possible, we give you our own ideas to make internet-breaking, viral videos, and we are always on the look out for what's trending in this virtual world.
  5. Corporate Films
    We study what you do, we understand your values, and then we script a corporate film for your company which is crisp, holistic, and inspiring. We tell the true stories of your success with film and video techniques.
  6. Weddings & Events
    We love weddings! (who doesn't like free food?) We can eternalise your special day with the PURRfect romantic film just how you like it. We also hit the roll button for corporate events, parties, exhibitions, and anything you want on record.